Tuesday, January 17, 2012


MANSFIELD - Wednesday, January 18 – Day of Unity, 12:00pm, Ohio State University – Mansfield Campus.

This event is co-sponsored by OSU Mansfield, North Central State College and Ashland University.

CLEVELAND - February 2 – 3 – Bullying Prevention Summit: Changing School and University Culture and Climate, Cuyahoga Community College, East Campus, Highland Hills, Ohio.

Summit details and registration materials available at: http://www.tri-c.edu/enrichment/communityservices/GRIC/Pages/ProfessionalDevelopmentEvents.aspx

Sponsored by: Global Issues Resource Center, Cuyahoga Community College, in partnership with Facing History and Ourselves, Virginia Tech, Cleveland State University, University of Akron, Orange High School, Beech Brook, Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, The Ohio Department of Education and The Office of the Ohio Attorney General.


TONIGHT - Tuesday, January 17 – Video Presentation & *Discussion of ‘Pray the Devil Back to Hell’, 7pm & 9pm, Hawkins-Conard Student Center Auditorium at Ashland University.

‘Pray the Devil Back to Hell’ is the gripping account of a group of brave and visionary women who demanded peace for Liberia, a nation torn to shreds by a decades-old civil war. The women's historic yet unsung achievement finds voice in a narrative that intersperses contemporary interviews, archival images, and scenes of present-day Liberia together to recount the experiences and memories of the women who were instrumental in bringing lasting peace to their country.

You can read more about this extraordinary film here.

*Discussion on the power and possibilities of nonviolence in the contemporary world to follow each video presentation.


Tuesday, February 14 – ‘The Emerging Local Food Economy and What It Means for Ashland’ by Brad Masi, Former Executive Director of the New Agrarian Center, 7:30pm, Hawkins-Conard Student Center Auditorium at Ashland University.

This presentation will look at the growth of sustainable local food system initiatives across Northeast Ohio, covering both broader impacts on the regional economy and on-the-ground examples of innovative communities. A sustainable local food economy directly connects consumers, farmers, local businesses, and institutions. How can food localization comprehensively address nutrition and health, economic development, ecological sustainability, and community vitality?

Tuesday, March 13 – ‘Food, Farms, and Community’ by Chris Norman, Executive Director of Crown Point Ecology Center and David Kline, Organic Dairy Farmer, Naturalist, and Writer, 7:30pm, Schar College of Education, Ronk Lecture Hall, Ashland University.

Christopher Norman will join David Kline to present Food, Farms, and Community. Chris will present “Dirty Nuns and Guerilla Gardening.” David will present “Who is Your Farmer?” They will be addressing such topics as food deserts, food security, and the role of local foods in building community.

Tuesday, March 27 - Video Presentation of ‘Good Food’ and Information Fair, 7:30pm, Hawkins-Conard Student Center Auditorium & surrounding areas, Ashland University.

The video ‘GOOD FOOD’ visits the producers, farmers’ markets, distributors, markets, restaurants and public officials who are working together to develop a more sustainable food system for all.
The information fair will consist of several information tables and representatives from local and neighboring communities regarding gardening projects and healthy food options.

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